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Updated pictures for year 2017 will be ready at the beginning of October at the latest. However, you can already send your inquiries.
offers really unique, original, distinct and indeed functioning Christmas Cards.

We offer various types of cards for the year 2017. Ready to use, modified according to your wishes or completely custom made cards.


Unique selling model

Most eshops enable you to add your logo or a wish on your Christmas card. But we can do more. We can add a cartoon of your product, we can dress cartoon characters according to your corporate design, your logo can be incorporated directly into the objects in the picture. We can change whatever you want. The advantage is, that you can have your own cartoon very quickly and for better price, compared with completely custom made cartoons.

Individual approach

We process each order individually and personally. All pictures are being modified by hand. It is not a result of mere mechanical combination of cartoons. To ensure natural impression, even the simplest modification is made with a fair drawing with a pencil on a paper. That is why we can meet all your requests. When you want to add your product in a different position in a different place, we can do it.

Tell us what you need and we will prepare an offer free of charge. You pay only when you are satisfied.

New Year Cards Immediately

After you choose a picture or approve modifications, you can have your card immediately after we receive payment confirmation. However, it is always good to reserve enough time, because of eventual re-modifications, world time zones, payment delays etc.

Printed and printable cards

Due to the logistic reasons we don't distribute printed cards in regions without our local partner. But we can send you ready-to-print pictures in high resolutions. You can have these printable cards printed by your local printing service or on your own office printer.